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Your NEW Lighting Hotspot for European,  Modern and Contemporary lighting in the Tampa Bay (Clearwater, Tampa, Clearwater ) area. We carry the finest design lighting fixtures and offer the latest trends from Europe.

Our goal is the planning of a lighting solution to achieve a designed effect in a given space. The system may include lighting for landscape, exterior architectural, one or more rooms, a remodel of an existing structure or an entire new home. Changing the lighting system in your present home is also a distinct possibility. A competent lighting designer will be able to determine your lighting needs based on your tastes, decor, personal habits, use of space and budget and provide you with a custom, personalized lighting plan. Even if you only want to add a couple of lights, you can benefit from the advice of a lighting design consultation.We will show you on the computer the impact of your favourite lighting fixture in your room.

We offer FREE IN HOME lighting consultation. We are your competently partner for creative lighting ideas, light calculation and energy saving solutions at your home , your restaurant or your commercial work place.

Useful information about lighting and lamps

Contemporary Accent & presentation Lighting - Office

Presentation areas, images and objects require supplementary lighting. Accent lighting � as well as playing a functional role � has an impact on room atmosphere. One of the prime requirements for effective accentuating light is a graduated lighting level: the level of the accent lighting needs to be significantly higher than that of the ambient lighting.

For shelving systems where reading tasks are performed or where space is used for displays, recommended solutions include asymmetrical wallwashers or downlights with fluorescent or halogen lamps. These deliver the vertical illuminance needed to ensure that the entire surface is uniformly illuminated from top to bottom. Alternatives are spots mounted on or in the ceiling or on a wire or rod system. They can be individually positioned and angled as required. Some spots also offer the possibility of varying the way they distribute light. Where objects are displayed behind glass, a high-quality anti-reflective coating is advisable.

Mounted on arms of different lengths and with swivellable reflectors for flexible arrangements, spots on power track are also an attractive alternative to fixed picture lights because they can easily be adjusted to cater for changing presentations. For picture lighting, the colour rendering properties of lamps is an important factor; a colour rendering index of Ra ≥ 80 is a must. Where pictures are exposed to lighting for prolonged periods, the problem of colours fading can be reduced by UV barrier filters.

Where lighting is installed inside cabinets, the heat generated by lamps needs to be dissipated outside. This is particularly important for heat-sensitive exhibits, for which the best lighting options are LED or fibre-optic systems. Important safety note: where luminaires are mounted directly on wood, they need to display not only the VDE, ENEC or GS symbol but also the M fire safety symbol. It is also important to ensure that luminaires are not positioned at less than the minimum permissible distance away from illuminated objects.

Modern Accent lighting-Cafeteria,Restaurant

Whether the design statement is minimalist chic or sumptuous intimacy � accent and decorative lighting adds life and lustre to a room. Accent lighting derives its dynamism from differences in illuminance, playing with stark contrasts and hard-edged shadows, varying brightness and light incidence, weaving a spell with colours and contours.

Accent lighting directs the eye of the observer � to architectural features, pictures and sculptures, special exhibits or an appetizing buffet. To achieve maximum impact, it needs to create pools of light significantly brighter than the lighting level provided by the general lighting. Safelight filters and reflectors prevent sensitive materials and foods being exposed to harmful rays or heat.

The range of accent lighting options is wide: for large pools of light, swivel-mounted downlights or wide-angled spots, e.g. fitted with metal halide lamps, are a suitable solution. Asymmetrical wallwashers guarantee shadow-free illumination even for high rows of shelves and presentation areas. Spots casting highly focused beams of brilliant halogen light lend a sparkle to glass and porcelain.

Accent lighting emphasizes the architecture of a room: spots above or luminaires set into the floor cast pillars in a dramatic light, back-lit glass walls draw the eye of the observer, recessed light sources and fibre-optic systems structure arches and walls. Coloured and dynamic lighting, special effects such as gobo images and alternating colours, turn the room and its peripheral zones into a stage set.

Modern Accent lighting- Dining Room

Apart from serving a functional purpose, lighting also impacts on the atmosphere of a room. To achieve a homely lighting atmosphere, it is essential to ensure that illuminance is not always the same throughout the room, i.e. that not all the luminaires in the room are always on at the same time and that the lighting can be dimmed. Accent lighting, e.g. for pictures or display cabinets, provides visual relief.

Spots mounted on wire and rod systems or power track can easily by angled and directed; unlike fixed spots, they provide a flexible solution which enables pictures or sculptures to be repositioned and spotlighted again in their new location. Dedicated picture lights are available for illuminating pictures.

Display cabinet and shelving unit lighting sets attractive accents. Individual sections can be illuminated by ceiling-mounted spots or luminaires which are either recessed in the furniture or mounted on clamps. It is important to note, however, that recessed luminaires for mounting on a wooden substrate need to display not only the VDE, ENEC or GS symbol but also the M symbol. In the case of spots and clamp luminaires, care must be taken to observe the minimum permissible distance from the illuminated surface.

A wall or section of wall free of furniture - whether it is bare or hung with decorations - becomes an eye-catching feature when bathed in the light of downlights mounted on the wall in a row. Away from windows, accent lighting can also be provided by plant luminaires.

A particularly harmonious atmosphere is generated by the interaction of direct and indirect lighting. Indirect light reflected into the room by walls and ceiling is found visually agreeable. Ceiling floods (also uplights) are well suited to this task. As standard luminaires, they can normally be used singly; as wall luminaires, they should be used in multiples.

Today, there is a wide choice of luminaires designed to radiate most of their light upwards for indirect lighting and cast the rest of their light downwards for direct lighting. Another practical solution is the dual-purpose standard luminaire, in which a ceiling flood provides mostly indirect lighting for general illumination and a second luminaire beneath the flood provides direct lighting for reading at about the height of a person seated.

Important note! Indirect lighting alone can result in poor modelling and a monotonous atmosphere. For strenuous visual tasks, such as reading, writing or handiwork, direct lighting is always the better choice.

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The contemporary parents generally stand at the changing top with their back to the ceiling light, their shadow falling onto the surface where the baby is lying. So modern lighting in a nursery needs to be supplemented by task lighting even when the child is an infant. Suitable options for the changing top are wall luminaires or - where no wall outlet is available - a clamp luminaire with a flexible arm. Because infants are very sensitive to light, indirect lighting is recommended. This requirement is met by wall luminaires where the light exits in Tampa upwards or clamp luminaires positioned for uplighting.

When babies start to crawl, nothing seems safe from their grasping fingers; they investigate everything they come across. So there can be no question of positioning luminaires within a young child's reach. Not even those decorative nursery lights in housings shaped like cartoon characters. They may use lamps with low power ratings but they still operate on 120 volts! What's more, youngsters of Tampa need to learn that lamps generating light get hot, especially incandescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps and low-voltage tungsten-halogen lamps.

For the nursery table, pendant luminaires or sturdy desk luminaires are the right choice. Filigree feature lights suspended from wire and rod systems should be used with caution: they too invite investigation by an inquisitive youngster.

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In large, communal changing rooms, especially in St. Petersburg , a uniform lighting level is important. DIN EN 12193 requires only 100 lux illuminance here but a minimum of 300 lux is more comfortable. The higher lighting level makes items in lockers or sports bags easier to find, for example. It also makes for a greater sense of security and avoids any impression of lack of cleanliness.

Three-band fluorescent lamps (26 mm or 16 mm diameter) operated by electronic ballasts (EBs) are particularly recommended as an economical lighting solution for communal changing rooms. More energy savings can be made with motion detectors for controlled, presence-dependent lighting.

Modern accent lighting makes for a less clinical lighting atmosphere, heightening visual comfort and enhancing the impression made by the St. Petersburg changing room of Florida and the sports facility. Wall luminaires are a suitable solution here.

At conference tables, lighting works in the background. Attention here is focused on the persons seated at the table. Preferred luminaires are pendant or standard contemporary luminaires for direct/indirect lighting. Producing soft lighting that makes for balanced modelling and an agreeable atmosphere, they ensure that faces appear natural and documents are clearly legible. Glare from non-shielded luminaires or disturbing reflections on shiny desktops need to be avoided. The correct light colour for lamps in Florida is neutral white or warm white.

Important note! Marked brightness contrasts need to be avoided at meetings or conferences. They cause fatigue and affect concentration. Modern lighting management systems are a convenient tool for tailoring lighting to requirements. At the push of a button, for example, conference table lighting can be supplemented by subdued general lighting or wallwashing light highlighting pictures or St. Petersburg presentations.


Information for Modern and Contemporary lighting fixtures and lamps in Clearwater and Tampa Bay

For the best modern + contemporary lighting in Clearwater,- luminaries should be selected to suit the size and design of the tables. Round or oval, square or rectangular - there is a wide variety of luminaires available for any shape of table. Also possible is an arrangement of several small luminaires mirroring the shape of the table, e.g. a circular group over a round dining surface. For long tables, a row of pendant luminaires is a recommended option.

Modern Pendant luminaries - are a good solution for this lighting task - a flexible solution if they are designed for variable height adjustment.The positioning of the luminarie(s), their design and the way they distribute light should be determined by the table top. Other possibilities are wire and rod systems or power track with luminaires suspended over the table. The ideal dining table luminaire - around 60 centimetres above the table - illuminates the table top and the surrounding area without causing glare. Supplementary lighting provided by standard luminaries, wall luminaries or table luminaries is not only nice to look at; it also improves perception of the room as a whole.Separately switched luminaires and dimmable lighting enable the contemporary lighting atmosphere to be adjusted to suit a particular visual task or occasion.

Where a pull-out table is extended to full length, the normal table lighting is generally no longer enough. This problem is solved by wire and rod or power track systems: designed to suit the table when it is fully extended, they enable additional luminaires spots from elsewhere in the lighting system to be positioned over the table whenever they are needed.

The brilliant warm-white light of standard-voltage or low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps is a popular choice. Alternatives, apart from ordinary tungsten filament lamps, are energy-saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps (light colour: warm white). These lamps all have very good color rendering properties.


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